Felted Clogs

Sizes: Women's sm, med, lg and men's med and lg.

To fit US shoe size up to women's 6, (8, 10) and men's (11,13).

Sizes are easily adjusted up or down by carefully controlling the felting, which is the key to a custom fit.

Yarn Requirements:
Approximately 500 (540, 580 / 675, 720) yards per pair. This allows for yarn to be held double throughout.

Contrasting cuffs require 50 to 70 yards depending on size.

2-color clogs require approximately 1/3 of the yardage in upper color and 2/3 in sole/cuff color.

Adding width to your clogs will increase the yarn requirements.

Choose a worsted weight wool that felts easily to a firm fabric.

Teal clog has Temptation added to cuff.

Needles: US size 13 (9mm), 24" and 16" (60cm and 40cm) circular needles. Also, a spare circular needle in a smaller size.

Fiber Trends AC 33 Felted Clogs Pattern


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