The Mariana’ s Shawl is knit using Hand Maiden’s Mini Maiden and Hand Maiden’s Angel Hair. With a combination of Fan and Feather, Garter Stitch and Bobbles, you will always have something fun around the corner.

Inspired by the dynamic textures on the sea floor in the area surrounding the Marianas Trench. The shifting swirls of earth and sea coupled with a mystery yet to be solved instantly captured my attention.

I used the Fan and Feather lace to reflect the continuous curving shape of the under water mountain ranges, with the pops of higher elevations that are visibly reflected in the raised bobble stitch. The neutral spaces in between chasms are rendered using garter stitch and easily balances the pattern making it more visually compelling.

Designer; Ruth Gallo


Kit includes the pattern

Handmaiden - Mariana's Shawl Kit (Aura Bundle and Pattern)


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